What to do if you see poaching or other matters of concern

If you see any poaching or other suspected illegal angling activity, call the EA on 0800 80 70 60 and they will log the event.

They use such information to build a picture of ‘hotspots’ to which they allocate resources, so the more that people report things, the better it is for us all.

That number should also be used to report any matters of concern, such as suspected poaching, fish theft, pollution, fish in distress, and so on.

When fishing on the Royal Military Canal between Iden Lock and Appledore Dam, if you see anyone on the south bank, the ‘field’ side (ie the bank OPPOSITE the tree-lined fishable bank along the Military Road) they should NOT be there – and if anyone is seen fishing there, that is an illegal activity that should be reported to the EA.

If any fish are taken, that amounts to theft and the police should be told as well as the EA.

If reports are made ‘live’ ie as they are happening, there is more chance of them being attended to by the EA / Police

RFA members should NOT approach those carrying out the activity, for your own safety

‘Real time’ reporting is the best solution and the questions that will be asked by the EA are:

  • What is happening?
  • Where is it happening? (Ideally, give a ‘what3words’ or postcode location)
  • Is it happening now – ie, is it a live incident?
  • Are any byelaws being broken?
  • Describe the people.
  • Describe any vehicle seen.
  • What fish are being fished for / taken?
  • How big are the fish?
  • Is this something known to be a regular or repeat problem?