Rules & General Notes

Rules Applicable to All RFA Waters

a)  Fishing from dawn to dusk only. No overnight stays are permitted. All persons must leave all RFA waters no later than sunset and must not arrive before sunrise.

b) Maximum two rods.

c) No live fish to be used as bait, and all fish of all species to be returned alive to the water without any undue delay, and to be handled correctly and responsibly.

d) Fishing for pike is restricted to the period October 1st – March 14th inclusive and is further restricted to members of RFA clubs only. No Day Ticket angler may fish for either Pike or Perch on RFA waters at any time.

e)         No dogs, fires, barbecues, camping, boats, or weapons are permitted.

f)         The Close Season of March 15th– June 15thapplies to all RFA waters.

g) All persons using RFA facilities must show their physical or digital EA Licence and club permit to the authorised RFA Bailiff (upon production of his own RFA identification) and they must behave towards the bailiff in a polite and civilised way at all times. Any person making any sort of threat, or subjecting the bailiff to any form of abuse, verbal or physical, shall (if asked by the Bailiff) leave the fishery immediately.

h) When fishing on RFA waters, all anglers will fish subject to the Rules of the Club to which they are a member EXCEPT that if there is any difference between their own Club Rules and RFA Rules, the RFA Rules will take precedence when the angler is fishing on RFA waters.

i) In the event of any matter arising which an RFA member or Bailiff considers may be in breach of any RFA Rule, the matter will be referred to the Club to which the angler belongs, and that Club will then deal with it as it sees fit. If an angler belongs to more than one club, it will be the Club whose membership permit is produced as identification when fishing which will be the Club to which the matter is referred

j) All people fishing on RFA waters must at all times adhere to the relevant Environment Agency (EA) byelaws in force at the time, and before fishing they must ensure they are aware of these, for example, that before fishing they must have the correct and current Environment Agency (EA) Licence to Fish.