Venue 2 – River Rother, Salehurst (St. Mary’s Church, Church Lane)


Postcode TN32 5PJ

Grid Reference TQ 748 242

“What Three Words”          outdoor.piper.sedative

Park by St Mary The Virgin church in Church Lane

General description

Downstream of footbridge –  fish the left – hand bank, and upstream it’s the right – hand bank up to Robertsbridge.  Access is off of the Robertsbridge by-pass (A21) both to Salehurst and Robertsbridge.

‘Small river fishing.’ There is a small derelict weir at the footbridge. The river is fast flowing from the weir downstream, with lots of tree cover and ‘challenging’ swims! This is a water ideally suited to roving fishing, light tackle, single rod, and it is helpful to have a rope pegged to the bank top to aid access down to the river, which can be as much as 12 – 15 feet although upstream of the bridge there is much easier access to the (a little deeper)  river. A small sickle in the tackle bag can be very useful.

Known Species

  • Chub
  • Gudgeon
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Dace
  • Pike
  • Eel
  • Brown Trout

Special Conditions

All access points are clearly marked with large RFA signs – green background / white text (although on some older signs it is green text on while background.)

Check RFA Rules before fishing – for example, there is NO NIGHT FISHING ALLOWED!