River Stour, Henny Street


River Stour, Henny Street, Suffolk, CO10 7LS

General description

We have a water share arrangement with Billericay & DAS on their stretch of the River Stour in Suffolk, at Henny Street. Access via 5-bar gate across field from lane, and at the weir, about 400 yards upstream, 800 yards downstream. A bit like the upper Medway but the only RFA water with Zander.

BDAC say: The fishing on this mile long stretch is not considered easy, but it can yield excellent specimens. The nominal river depth is about 5 feet although local variations can be between 2 – 10 feet. Of particular mention are several shoals of bream which reach 10lbs each. Night anglers tell us they have success with chub up to 6lbs, and the river also holds tench, perch, dace, rudd and roach. The stretch is perhaps the Club’s best pike fishery, with multiple catches possible in the winter. Small barbel were stocked into our stretch some years ago, part of an ongoing programme by the E.A. to increase the numbers of this species in the whole river.

Pike 21lbs, Chub 6lbs, bream 10lbs.

Known Species

  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Dace
  • Pike
  • Eel
  • Brown Trout

Special Conditions

RFA Members Only – a water sharing arrangement.


Easy parking near gate to field.