River Rother, Newenden


Limited parking in Lossenham Lane near the cricket pitch and along to the pump house building opposite the house called ‘The Forstal.’ When the gate is open in summer, parking in the field opposite the houses called ‘Copthall’ – take care to note opening / shutting times.

Postcode TN18 5PY

Grid Reference TQ 853 272

“What Three Words:         sped.collides.baked

General description

About 400 yards / 25 swims on the left hand bank downstream starting from the fence next to Bourne’s Yard at the back of the cricket pitch  (Gardenscape). The fishing BEYOND the brick pump house opposite ‘The Forstal’ is NOT RFA water– it is STRICTLY PRIVATE.

Quite a wide and deep river, excellent for ‘silver fish’ and renowned for good winter pike. In summer, boats are moored here, and some anglers use their own kayaks or small boats to fish from, but the river is deep enough so that they cause little problem. Evening fishing can be excellent for ‘silver’ fish. This river is popular these days with other river users, so in summer it can be a ‘busy’ place during the day-time, at weekends especially so.

Known Species

  • Chub
  • Gudgeon
  • Perch
  • Roach
  • Bream
  • Rudd
  • Pike
  • Eel

Special Conditions

RFA Members and residents of Newenden may fish here.


All access points are clearly marked with large RFA signs – green background / white text (although on some older signs it is green text on while background.)

Check RFA Rules before fishing – for example, there is NO NIGHT FISHING ALLOWED!