Orpington & District Angling Association


To Join: online is perhaps most convenient. Just click the button below and follow the prompts.

Our website also has an application form and tackle shops including Fish On in Paddock Wood, A & I in Green Street Green, The Tackle Box in Dartford, and Danson Angling in Blackfen also keep forms.

Membership CategoryMembership Fee
Senior 3 x Rod£130
Senior 1 x Rod£70
Pensioner (over 65)£60
Junior (aged 13-16)£60
Junior (under 13)£0

About our Club 

Our waters include the Ruxley Gravel Pits, Edgington Way, Sidcup – DA14 5AD

There are five lakes (26 acres of water in 40 acres of ground) and they are fed by the River Cray (a chalk stream, and which used to be, in the 1800s, a noted trout stream)
Klingers is about 1.8 acres, 2-5 feet deep, lily-covered in summer.
The Big Lake is about 14 acres, 4 – 12 feet deep.
The Shallow Lake is about 1.6 acres, 1-5 feet deep.
The New Barge is about 4 acres, 1 – 6 feet deep.

The Old Barge is about 4 acres, 1 – 4 feet deep, and which tends to silt up with poorer quality river flood water.

The lakes have been stocked over the years with all the usual coarse fish and of course the main fish these days that people fish for are carp – and there are some large ones in the waters – but we also have very good catches of tench, bream and so on, so there is something for everyone. For more information call our Fishery Managers James 07595 020382 or Gareth 07584 437550

We own Laddingford Pool – Gravelly Ways, Beltring, ME18 6BZ. This is a private, very beautiful and popular 1.9 acre lake set in 12 acres of land we own. It is a very productive lake and all the usual lake-loving coarse fish are present.

Penshurst Angling Society Waters are open to ODAA Members
Penshurst (village centre – Leicester Arms) – TN11 8BT
In all about seven miles of fishing on the River Medway, River Eden, and a canal-like deep water, The Backwater (and on the latter there is no Close Season.)

All the expected coarse fish are present, and in recent years it is large barbel that have been a prime target fish, but there are also good stocks of Roach, Chub, Dace, Perch and so on. On the upper reaches around Poundsbridge, once in a while, someone catches a Brown Trout.

Contact details

For more information call our Fishery Managers James 07595 020382 or Gareth 07584 437550Join us on facebook icon